Wolf Kesh Artist And Photographer

Wolf Kesh – creator of mixed media art, art photos, digital art and Hollywood celebrities’ darling – was born in Athens, Greece. He lives and creates in Los Angeles, California, United States for nearly 30 years now.

Wolf Kesh ArtistWolf has discovered his calling early in life but didn’t pursue either education or a career in the arts. Instead he became a business owner, married, raised a family and relegated art to a secondary position in his life.

Self Portrait: the Artist and his Painting "Predator"

Self Portrait: the Artist and his Painting “Predator”

Even so, Wolf taught himself to express his artistic vision in mixed media, eventually developing his personal interpretation of surrealism, symbolism and existentialism. With time his work gained recognition of a number of Hollywood celebrities admirers (one of them being ex-Governor of California and a movie star, Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger); Wolf’s work can be found also in the offices of Mr. Mel Gibson and Ms. Angelina Jolie.

Photography has been Wolf Kesh’s lifelong companion. In recent years, he “discovered” the power of photography as art form. In Wolf’s words:

“Artistic vision isn’t a matter of the medium used to express it, but the artist’s perception of the world. No two people perceive things the same way. It is the artist’s obligation to share his unique perception with others. After all, life is a collection of things perceived, experienced, affecting and affected. The more and better you perceive, experience and affect, the richer your life.”

The story of Wolf Kesh rise’s to fame – as an artist and photographer – affirms the importance of following one’s calling. It is also reminiscent of the Cinderella story, this one about a self-taught artist who has gained recognition of the rich and famous in Hollywood. (Wolf photographed many Hollywood stars! He took pictures of Kirk Douglas and Kanye West, Debbie Reynolds and Carmen Electra, among hundreds of Hollywood celebrities!)

Through it all: the struggle and eventually success, Wolf Kesh – a firm believer in the American Dream! – didn’t forget his humble roots. He founded One Human Community, a grassroots community movement, dedicated to relieving and preventing poverty in San Fernando Valley, CA. A busy, prolific and successful artist, Wolf makes time to organize free tutoring program for underprivileged children because he believes that education – followed by solid income! – is the most powerful weapon in the fight against poverty.

Wolf believes that access to art shouldn’t be limited by one’s budget. That’s why he offers not only original mixed media art giclees on canvas, but also art photos, digital art and stock photos. Whether you prefer a limited edition print or instant download, you can afford art!

“WolfKeshArt.com features my interpretation of reality. Enjoy it, surround yourself with it, use it to share your thoughts with others. Wolf Kesh Art will inspire YOU to be true to yourself, follow your dreams and reach for the stars.”
Wolf Kesh