Grand Delusion Digital Art By Wolf Kesh


Grand Delusion Digital Art By Wolf Kesh is a visual of power differential. Available as instant download (choice of license) or limited edition prints (choice of size) signed by Wolf Kesh.

Grand Delusion Digital Art By Wolf Kesh

Grand Delusion Digital Art By Wolf Kesh interpreted by the artist:

“1/ We are Number One: we can and we do, we erect towering cities wherever we please. We rule the world!
2/ We’re but tiny parasites on the body of Mother Nature who can get rid of us (with an earthquake, flood, etc.) at any time, at Her convenience.

Grand Delusion is a reminder of the power differential between the human race and the natural environment we DON’T control. We believe ourselves entitled to damage it as if it were disposable. What a Grand Delusion!
We are here today and gone tomorrow: Earth was here before us and – let’s hope – will survive despite the damage we inflicted upon her.

Incidentally, delusion is a symptom of mental disease, so is grandiosity…

What do YOU think: are we the crown of creation or parasites eroding the ecosystem that sustains us?

Of course, mine is not the only possible interpretation. Grand Delusion is a visual of power differential, in general. It could be seen as individual ego’s struggle vs. collective objectives. In this case, the individual attempting to assert him or herself – as depressing as it is – is the one suffering from the Grand Delusion. Unfortunately, the majority – no matter how close-minded or mediocre – usually, wins…”

Grand Delusion Digital Art specs:
Format: .jpg
Camera: Sony
Resolution: 2471px high x 3231px wide

Grand Delusion Digital Art by Wolf Kesh is available for instant download with a choice of use:

  • personal license (for personal use only)
  • editorial license (with publishing rights)
  • commercial license (for use in promotion and advertising)
  • and exclusive license (for ANY use, including reproduction and resell). The exclusive license comes with a copyright waver. Once you purchase the exclusive license (rights) to an image, any other sale of this image by Wolf Kesh will be stopped immediately.


Grand Delusion Digital Art is also available as limited edition prints. Wolf Kesh limited edition prints – unless otherwise specified – are professionally printed on Crystal Archive Lustre Paper (non-glare) with archival inks guaranteed to last 200 years and beyond. The limited edition prints of his digital art have deep, vivid colors and are fade-resistant.
Wolf Kesh digital art prints are sold in limited editions (of 100 each). Each Wolf Kesh digital art print has its individual number and is signed and dated by the artist on the reverse.

Limited Edition digital art prints are shipped without a mat and are unframed.
Large size photo art prints are shipped in sturdy shipping tubes. Smaller art photo prints are shipped in flat, rigid packaging that protects them in the mail.

NOTE: Wolf Kesh’s limited edition prints are shipped FREE within Contiguous United States. WOLFKESHART.COM DOESN’T SHIP TANGIBLE ITEMS INTERNATIONALLY.

NOTE: Whether you choose instant download or a limited edition print, your digital art image will NOT have the annoying copyright imprint!


Grand Delusion Digital Art By Wolf Kesh
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