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Wolf Kesh Art Photos. Stock photos for instant download. Los Angeles stock photos. Limited edition prints: nature art photo prints and digital art prints.


Wolf Kesh Art QRWolf Kesh is a Southern California-based artist expressing his vision through a variety of media. While his portfolio of mixed media paintings is being migrated to this (new) Website, you’re welcome to explore – and shop! – Wolf Kesh art photos, digital art and Los Angeles stock photos.

Wolf Kesh’s mixed media paintings express his life’s philosophy.

Wolf’s nature art photos mirror his reverence for Nature. The nature art photos – taken in Southern California – depict the power and beauty of the natural environment. There are giant rocks that withstood millennia in our earthquake country; ancient roots that keep us connected to our past; delicate flowers and prickly succulents; wildlife and birds watching us from a distance… Wolf Kesh nature art photos are available as stock photos for instant download (with a choice of a personal license, editorial license, commercial license or exclusive license) as well as limited edition prints signed by the artist.


Wolf Kesh Nature Art Photos



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Wolf Kesh urban art photos reflect his love for Los Angeles, his second home. The collection is in the process of being added to the Website. There are Downtown Los Angeles photos, breathtaking Los Angeles landmarks photos, original Hollywood photos and a lot more to come. Wolf Kesh urban art photos are available mainly as Los Angeles stock photos for instant download, with a choice of a personal license, editorial license, commercial license or exclusive license.


Los Angeles Stock Photos



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His digital art is an exploration of the soul. Wolf Kesh digital art affords him the freedom of combining fine arts and photography, the best of both worlds. As much as art photography is at its soul “documentary”, Wolf’s digital art expresses his artistic vision fully. Wolf Kesh digital art is available as limited edition prints signed by the artist and for instant download.


Wolf Kesh Digital Art



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There is beauty and meaning all around us. There is a lot of it in Wolf Kesh’s art. Enjoy!

COPYRIGHT: Wolf Kesh is the copyright owner of all art photos and digital art featured on WolfKeshArt.com. (Read more.) Thank you for your respect and understanding.

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